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Speed/priority and light spells


  • Inscription12/07/2016
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17/07/2016 19:13

First I apologize, I know very little French so I'll have to stick with englis. Also, before I get to the suggestions I wanted to say that I very much enjoy this game, great job! Speed/priorities Could you add some sort of speed levels to the cards? Maybe ranked 1-5, "1" having the highest chance to strike first and 5 being the slowest? Makes it a little less random and could be an added benefit to some of the weaker cards. Light cards I havent done any in depth analysis trials but I think the legendary and epic cards are really under powered. The Mastery one seems practically worthless as almost any high level spell would be better than the small percentage benefit gained by using it. Damacles if I understand it correctly would hit at a max of around 500 if I understand it correctly and the requirements and self harm make it not worth it when normal spells almost do that much with no negatives. Lastly accumulation could use a higher minimum damage in my opinion. 10 dmg at max bonus is only 100. I realize it can hit for as much as 900 but still, unless you're cheating that isn't going to happen very often. I'm thinking maybe increase minimum to like 40? So 40-90. But again, haven't done major testing so not sure if that would be the perfect range. Just saying current one seems pretty bad. Lastly, maybe some sort of estimated time to when another update might be coming would be nice. Seems there are very few followers and might dwindle quickly with the current repetitiveness. Personally I understand it is in Beta but a lot of people are impatient and will move on to other games. Just hoping to see this one grow. Thank you for your time. Keep up the good work.

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